How to buy Litecoin in Kenya

There are  many people in Kenya interested in buying litecoin and they do not know how to do it. This is step by step guide on how you can buy cryptocurrecncy in Kenya with MPESA  or by bank transfer.

1. Go to


2. Sign up on

3. Confirm your email address

4. Search for Traders in Kenya

5. Select a trader. You can select cryptobizkenya

6. Open the trade.


7. Ask for USD/KES rate. Cryptobizkenya offers at a rate of 103.8KES per USD.


8. Request for payment details. the payment details can be MPESA, Equity Bank or any other bank specified by the trader.

9. Request the trader to fund the trade if you agree with the usd/kes rate as well as the payment method.

10. Pay.

11. Mark that you have paid to notify the seller.

12. Wait for the seller to release litecoin from the escrow.

13. If the seller does not release the litecoin from escrow you can dispute the trade and provide evidence for local litecoin to resolve the dispute.

14. For more information you can contact cryptobizglobal

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