Many people seeking to know what is blockchain technology. I’ll explain it in the simplest way possible.
Prov 6:6
Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!


The whole world systems are moving towards what was written thousand years ago by Solomon. An ant has the following characteristics.

The job of an ant in a colony is both significance and insignificance. Without an ant, no effect will be felt. But when many #Resist, effect is felt.

An ant doesn’t know what its doing. No complex brain. No ruler yet it does wonders. It builds things an intelligent person may not. Same with bees. Can you make honey? No. Not as sweet.

Imagine now computers or devices which act as ants. So many of them. Billions. Each computer may not be that powerful, but imagine when processors are connected to assume a universal system. Remember this interconnection is not similar to the networking we know.

Bitcoin or Blockchain technology uses this concept. Unlike other networks where the more connected computers are the slower it is, block chain becomes faster instead.
So when a person makes a transaction, the transactions are recorded in every connected device. Its complex somehow.

Have you ever downloaded a movie from Torrent? It uses the same technology. When downloading a movie, this movie is somehow stored in all devices connected. There’s a process called seeding in Torrent. That’s why downloading something many people are downloading becomes easier.

You cannot hack blockchain. You will have to hack all the connected devices because they act as a dedicated server.

Future of blockchain will soon spill in all areas of life. Transport. It is now overtaking banks. School system etc. For example. With invention of Electric vehicles, block chain will help this way. Any vehicle connected to the chain will be knowing where there is a free packing lot and do calculations. There will be no traffic Jam because a vehicle can “know” which route has more vehicles. There will be no car accidents.

Blockchain is the future. We better embrace it.

Adopted from Robertoctober Kanyoro’s post on Facebook.

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