What will happen in crypto space in 2018 according to Ari Paul

Belated 2018 crypto predictions. Here’s list of forecasts for 2018. Ari Paul offers these most humbly. Most will probably be wrong at least on the specific numbers, if not directionally.

  1. The “The Bitcoin dominance index will bottom between 18-26% and will end 2018 over 40%. Bitcoin cash will trade over 0.45BCH/BTC at some point during the year.
  2. Decentralised exchanges will continue blossoming, but won’t break 5% of total crypto trading volume.
  3. We will have multiple ICO blooms in 2018 centered on different regulatory and governance structures. We will see rebirth of DAO and a huge boom in the asset backed tokens.
  4. Bitcoin will trade at both $6000 $60,000 at some point in 2018.
  5. There will be at least 10 large ($5 billion network value) corporate coins offered by Telegram and other companies
  6. In 2017 I was asked if ETH would replace BTC. In 2018 serious people will ask if non blockchain based crypto currencies will replace blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Maybe this means hashgraph based crypto currencies achieving 10%+ market share.
  7. Denta coin will become the largest crypto currency (kidding).
  8. Both BTC and BCH will continue to hardfork and more than 10% of the value of each (if held today) will reside in offshoots.
  9. We will get a blossoming of crypto index funds, such that greater than 6% of all crypto network value will be passively held in some form of index(up from almost zero today).
  10. There will be a breakdown between financial derivatives (futures, options) on crypto and the underlying due to hard fork, network freeze or extreme manipulation.
  11. We’ll see something an order of magnitude bigger than cryptokitties- some collectible or simple game that achieves meaningful adoption.
  12. Estimates of this are very tough, but global adoption will triple from about 1% to about 3% of humans on earth owning crypto currency.

Ari Paul is the CIO of Block Tower Capital. You can read more about Ari Paul here.

You can also learn about cryptobizglobal.com and crypto investing here.


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