Zebpay accepts Litecoin

Zebpay exchange has listed litecoin on its exchange. Zebpay announced on 25th January 2018 that it has added support for litecoin and that now litecoin users and trader can now buy sell, receive litecoin on their Zebpay wallet.  Litecoin is a decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency that does not have central authority. Litecoin uniqueness is based on fast and cheap transactions compared with bitcoin and ethereum. Therefore addition of Litecoin to Zebpay wallet app implies that users will have an opportunity to send and receive funds very fast using litecoin.  The inclusion of litecoin contributes immensely to the global adoption of litecoin as a peer to peer currency for fast payments across the globe.

Zebpay is an app enabled wallet which features cryptocurrencies bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash. The wallet provider is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in India. The company was established by Mahon Gupta in the year 2012 and it served as India’s first bitcoin exchange. The company was branded as Zebpay in 2014 after addition of two more partners to the company. The partners were Saurabh Agrawal and Sandeep Goenka. The most unique thing about Zebpay is that users can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin and they can also spend the litecoin by using a mobile based PIN number. This helps in the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in India. It is for this reason that Zebpay was voted as the best new bitcoin exchange in 2014 during a bitcoin conference in Las Vegas. This enables users to use bitcoin or litecoin to make purchases from stores that accept litecoin. Zebpay has over 250000 users in India making one of the largest exchanges in India. In addition, the company has released a 2.0 version of Zebpay app which makes it possible for users to spend other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum using the app.

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