Twitter thread by Charlie Shrem

Once in a while posts threads of crypto figureheads/celebrities to keep crypto enthusiasts informed. Last month we features a twitter thread of Ari Paul. This month we feature Twitter thread of Charlie Shrem who is a respected voice in bitcoin and in crypto currencies. Here is the full thread:

Charlie Shrem’s Twitter thread
  1. Bitcoin and other privacy focused crypto currencies are the biggest innovation of my lifetime.
  2. Just like the printing press removed the power of information and knowledge from the church and governments, crypto currencies are the biggest tool to individual liberty we have.
  3. The past year we’ve seen a dilution of our beautiful technology. From “permissioned blockchains” to “digital ledger technology”, these are nothing more than glorified google spreadsheets.
  4. If it can be controlled by 1 party, it is not a blockchain. If it is not fully censorship resistant it is not a blockchain. Don’t be fooled by bullshit pump and dumps and by people trying to convince you. REMEMBER why we are here.
  5. Of course governments are going to do the same. What did you think? They would roll over while we built our alternative financial system and people started using it? Governments don’t like competition.
  6. They are smart. Instead of banning #Bitcoin outright they are saying “The government…will take all measures to eliminate use of these crypto-assets [BUT] will explore use of blockchain technology proactively for ushering in digital economy.”
  7. We will see in 2018 a systemic push for regulated and controlled blockchains by “DLT” companies, banking consortiums and governments. THESE ARE NOT CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Do not be fooled!
  8. I came to help build technology that gives us freedom and I will not stop until I’ve reached my goal. I’ve already had my freedom taken from me once and I never want to see that happen to anyone.

Charlie Shrem is the founder of defunct BitIstant. He is also a founding member of the bitcoin Foundation. He was arrested and imprisoned on allegations of helping Silk Road users launder money. He has since been released from prison and he cofounded Intellisys Capital.

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