4 upcoming ICO projects for March 2018

The following is a list of the upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that are expected in 2018.

  1. Telegram ICO. Telegram is a well known non profit messaging app. The Telegram team is intending to create TON (Telegram Open Network) which will be a block chain technology that will host other crypto currencies and allow transfer of value among users. Telegram intends to build a VISA/Mastercard like applications on the platform. Thttps://techcrunch.com/2018/01/08/telegram-open-network/he date and the start of the ICO is yet to be determined because Telegram is yet to release an official statement which makes the ICO to be a speculation.
Pavel Durov The Founder of Telegram


2. Social Media Market ICO. Social Media Market ICO intends to create a platform for the advertisers and influences. Currently there exists a disconnect between the influencers and advertisers. Even though companies spend millions to advertise on social media, consumers tend to listen to influencers more than the brand. The social media marketing platform will connect influencers in various fields with advertisers. The influencers will be paid by the advertisers using the social media token (SMT). Social Media Tokens (SMTs) are going to be issued as ERC20 compatible tokens. They will be based on total amount of tokens, 15% more tokens will be issued for platform core functionality and team (6 month of vesting period) and 5% for partners and advisors.

3. Healthureum Token ICO. This is a token of its kind that combines blockchain technology and healthcare. Healthureum platform is intended to be an Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract expertise to considerably improve effectiveness of healthcare services. The Healthureum token is abbreviated HHEM and is expected to be utilised as the transactional intermediary of choice for the new and forthcoming healthcare platform. The network will assist in payment for the services provided utilising the HHEM token. It will also act as a an intermediary for rewarding and compensating medical practitioners who will be offering referrals and expert opinions on Healthureum platform. The platform will host laboratories and clinics that will carry out lab tests and diagnostics for patients. These labs will also be rewarded using HHM token and tests for Healthureum patients will be rewarded with HHEM tokens.

4. Scrinium ICO. Scrinium ICO is a token offering for a decentralised portfolio investment technology. It is hinged on analysing the performance of large number of traders all over the world and identifying the most profitable and content traders. The system will then develop and investment portfolio that is suitable for every investor depending with the risk appetite of the investor and expected returns.

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